Simple Pet Pillow

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Give your pooch a snazzy spot to rest with an easy-sew bed.

To successfully mix bold patterns, stick to colors of the same intensity. Here’s how to sew a comfy cushion for your four-legged friend:

— Cut two circles of washable fabric (cotton duck, canvas, and denim are good choices) 31 inches in diameter, which includes seam allowances; set aside.

— Cut 4-inch strips of fabric for the gusset, piecing them short end to short end to equal the circumference of the circles (about 94 inches).

— With right sides together, pin one long edge of the gusset to one circle and stitch together. Repeat with the other circle and the other long edge of the gusset, being sure to leave an opening for stuffing (polystyrene beads and high-density foam work well).

— Trim and press the seams, then turn the cover right side out. Stuff, and then whipstitch the opening closed.

If this is your work, please let me know! I cannot find the source for this pet pillow DIY!

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