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Once upon a time…

In 1999 I started my home-based business as a virtual assistant.  The designer I hired to create my website wanted $50 PER CHANGE if I needed to edit something.  Needless to say that as a new entrepreneur, I wasn’t about to pay that much!

So I learned Dreamweaver so I could edit my site myself.

I loved it! The freedom to update my own site, whenever I needed it to.  I loved it so much that I decided to take my VA business in a new direction to include website maintenance as one of my services.

Fast forward a few years and bam – here comes WordPress!

Wow, did that creation change my life!

Now I no longer had to update 5 or 10 pages in HTML to change a word or a navigation menu.  I could do it all at once within a user-friendly dashboard!  I was hooked!

I now use WordPress exclusively for my clients.  It’s easy to get up and running fast, easy to learn and exceptionally easy to maintain.  And since it’s open source, it evolves rapidly to increase both functionality and security for your website!

Which brings me to you...

Who can you help via your website?

What unique combination of skills do you possess that can help your target audience reach their goals?

Let’s get together and create a site the propels your business to the top of your niche and allows you to serve your clients at the highest level!


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