Our beloved Heidi passed away on July 3, 2018.  We miss her more than anything.

On February 20, 2018, I took our newest rescue pupper, 10 year old Heidi the Rough Collie, to the groomer for the first time.  It was located within our vet’s office and I felt safe taking her there.


Unfortunately, Heidi had a number of mats, which we had been chipping away at when brushing her, but there were so many I opted to take her to a pro to hopefully get rid of them.

The Rough Collie is a double coated breed, meaning that the breed has essentially two layers of fur.  The undercoat is made up of soft, fine hairs that lay next to the skin – this is where the shedding comes from.  The outer coat is the tougher layer of “guard” hairs that do not shed.  The guard hairs protect the dog from both the sun’s rays and winter’s cold temps.  And shaving either is a BIG NO-NO!

Sadly, the “professional” groomer to whom we went must have missed that day at grooming school.  Without even calling me, she SHAVED MY DOG NAKED! When I showed the picture to the rescue network from whom we adopted Heidi, the adoption coordinator literally cried! She was so sad for our dog!  Heidi’s coat will take a year, at least, to grow back.  For her first summer with us, I’ll have to be religious about putting sunscreen on her so she doesn’t get burnt.  She will have to stay in on particularly hot days so she doesn’t overheat, especially with her advanced age – she just turned 11 in March.

Let this be a cautionary tale (or tail as it were!).  NEVER SHAVE A DOUBLE COATED DOG!

I did complain to the groomer via email the next day when I had composed myself.  It took the company three weeks to reply to me.  I was assured it wouldn’t happen again to another pet owner and the groomer apologized for shaving my dog without so much as a phone call.  I will definitely not be returning to the grooming side of the house!

Here is a video that was sent to me about double coated breeds and grooming!




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