Cleaning your dogs’ ears can be a tricky task, especially for a rescue dog whose history you don’t know!

There are a few things you need to know before you start, according to Cesar’s Way.

  1. Dog ears are sensitive and need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infection.
  2. Dogs do not like to have their ears handled so you’ll need to be careful how you approach the ear cleaning.
  3. Cleaning your dogs’ ears the wrong way can lead to possible damage so you must be careful.

Our new rescue pup Seamus is ten years old and has a chronic ear condition that requires drops every three days.

The first time my youngest son and I tried to administer the medicine that the SPCA Shelter gave us, he had only been with us for three days and thus was NOT a happy camper as we tried to put the medicine into his ear canal! It took two of us to do it, and he tried to bite me once! Thankfully he decided to co-operate (to some degree) and not try to eat my hand.  The job still requires two people to do it though!

You can read the full article HERE for some tips and tricks to help you with the delicate task that is ear cleaning!

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