One of the best tools for conquering overwhelm is to create a quiet, safe space to which you can retreat when you feel stressed!

The “she-shed” was born as an answer to the “man cave” that was such a popular trend a few years ago. The “she-shed” can take on a myriad of forms, from the simple to the exotic. Here are some of my favourites!

Simple White She-Shed

A lusciously simple, monochromatic space that invites you to stay a while!

Girly GirlShe-Shed

This primarily pastel shed with a bright and bold accent wall is just the thing when you need to recharge!

A Statement Door

Bold front doors are an inviting welcome into this lovely cottage!

Bold Paper Lanterns

Brightly coloured paper lantern lights bring a touch of jazz to an otherwise serene space!

Pastel Pretty Cottage

A pastel pretty get away for you or your special friends!

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